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7 Reasons IT Services are the Gift That Benefits Your Business

Partnering with us for IT services, management and support is a lot like working with Santa. (No, this isn’t a request for cookies.)

Santa uses elves on shelves to act as his eyes and ears. Based on what an elf on the shelf tells him, Santa can set his present-giving strategy.

The itSynergy version is way less creepy.

You won’t find our technicians lurking in the break room. We use technology to be omnipresent. Tools run quietly in the background 24/7/365 and send back real-time reports to our team of “Santas” who assess the information and determine next steps.

We won’t deny it. The tools make our lives easier. At the end of the day though, the real benefits of IT services roll to your business. We’ve rounded up 7 reasons you want to work with a team of IT elves year-round, not just at the holidays.

1. You’re Not Making an IT Support Fix List

No need to make list of glitches for your IT support team and check it twice. When we start working together, we put a tool on every computer in your environment. It runs quietly in the background and looks for warning signs – like you’re low on disk space. We gather the data, assess the impact and keep the potential issue from becoming an actual problem.

We use the information to prevent computer crashes

Computers crash when their storage drops below a certain threshold. You aren’t monitoring this metric, but we are. A report automatically notifies us when any of your machines are approaching the limit, giving us time to work with you to clear up space while retaining information.

Real-time monitoring reduces business risks

Cyberattacks aren’t the only IT risk your business faces. It sounds mundane, but an old or underperforming machine can threaten productivity, profits and your budget. We protect the health of your business by collecting and analyzing thousands of data points daily.

Shine a Light on Hidden Business Threats

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2. Budget Surprises Vanish Faster Than a Plate of Cookies

Today. you go out and buy 20 laptops for your accounting team so everyone can work from home on company-issued devices. You built the cost into your budget today, but what will happen when it’s time to replace all 20 machines?

Sync your devices with your budget

Whether it’s a laptop or firewall, whenever you obtain new technology, we build it into your long-term IT budget. We revisit your plan during strategic IT consulting meetings, so you’re never blindsided by technology costs.

3. Subscriptions Stay Current

You have an increasing number of cloud-based applications, which means more subscriptions to manage. At best, not renewing on-time causes a temporary disruption to your business because people can’t access a business-critical app. At worst, it leads to a cyber breach.

Coverage lapses let criminals in

Whenever one of your security tools isn’t up-to-date, criminals have easy access to your network. We get alerts when your subscriptions and warranties are expiring. This gives us enough time to renew your subscription before coverage lapses.

4. You Stay Off the Compliance “Naughty” List

Cyber insurance companies, potential business partners and the SEC all want proof that you follow a cybersecurity framework, like National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). If you don’t adopt a cybersecurity framework, your technology strategy won’t be well organized, you may lose business opportunities and may be turned down for insurance renewal.

The frameworks come with highly technical components

You do not want to navigate NIST requirements without the assistance of an IT expert who understands the financial services industry.

At itSynergy, we make it as easy for RIAs to satisfy cyber safeguards, with our white-glove compliance management service.

Want to Make Compliance Even Easier?

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Even if you aren’t an RIA, you’ll want to explore ways to simplify tedious tasks, like asset inventory.

5. Dash Through Asset Inventory with Automation

Don’t waste time manually accounting for all the technology assets in your environment. Put it on autopilot with our data collection tools. Using the information we gather, we manage your asset inventory and set up automated reports that satisfy compliance requirements.

6. The “Grinch” Doesn’t Sneak in and Steal Your Data

The Grinch impersonated Santa to steal Christmas. Hackers try to do something similar when they break into your system. Through our cybersecurity alert system, we have ways to keep criminals from succeeding

They’ll elevate accounts to admin status to try and impersonate users who control your entire network.

How the admin alert saves your business

Every second counts during a cyberattack. Whenever a client account is elevated to the admin level, we get an alert and investigate the cause – even if it’s 3 a.m. If it’s a threat actor, we will battle the invader, isolate the infected machine, and follow an incident response plan to minimize the damage.

Automatically block unusual activity

Consider this. A user logs into their Microsoft 365 account from Boston. Thirty minutes later, those same credentials are used in Scottsdale. That’s clearly unusual and impossible activity. (Even Santa doesn’t fly that fast.) Our tools will immediately let us know about the logins so we can investigate what’s going on. Additionally, we set up security controls to automatically lock accounts after a set number of failed log-in attempts.

7. Backups That are More Dependable Than Santa

Sometimes Santa forgets to bring batteries and you find yourself at a drugstore at midnight. Backups are plagued with the same “easy oversight” problems. Unless you constantly check that there are no errors, your backups are copied off site, and that backups happen in real-time, you won’t know they will work when you need them.

The North Pole should replicate our reporting features

Millions of elves send Santa daily reports. He probably has no idea if Billy out in Denver fails to file his brief.

Our system flags problems, including when a report doesn’t run

If a backup fails, you run out of disk space or a report simply doesn’t generate, we’ll know and fix the issue before it turns into a problem for your business.

Our IT Services “Workshop” Will Help You Build a Stronger Business

At the itSynergy IT services “workshop,” you’ll find experts who are ready to leverage technology to help you build a stronger business. Whether you’re looking to improve productivity, satisfy compliance or lockdown cybersecurity we have solutions. Remember, even Santa doesn’t do it all on his own. Call us and set up a meeting today.

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