Disaster Recovery Strategy

It makes sense to have an IT disaster recovery plan, but in Arizona, many businesses think they are covered. There are all kinds of risks to your business – cyber, weather, and bad actors. You will sleep better at night knowing your businesses IT infrastructure is backed up and available if disaster should strike. But it’s hard to keep up on the threats and know what your business needs.

Businesses that are forced to close following a disaster are at risk of never being able to open again.


At itSynergy, we help you with a data backup plan for continuous data protection, and a disaster recovery strategy to protect you in case you experience a catastrophe such as a fire, flood or cyber-attack.

Disaster Recovery Services

Your business data is your most important resource. While there’s no way to lower the risk of a natural disaster like a flood, a good data backup and disaster plan are keys to a quick recovery.

Most businesses are not equipped to handle or react to disasters, and they experience a lot of downtime and lost business as a result. Outsourcing IT services with itSynergy will help to keep your systems up and running. Our IT consulting team takes a 360-degree look at your organization’s IT infrastructure and technology management needs to develop a business continuity plan that includes:


Data Backup


Data Security


Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan


Business Continuity Strategy


Recovery Point Objective (RPO)


Recovery Time Objective (RTO)


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Once a plan is developed and implemented, we work side-by-side with your leadership team to address risk and loss concerns so you have a reliable data backup and disaster recovery strategy.

Contact us to learn how to get a business continuity plan that meets your specific business needs to ensure your business can survive a minor as well as a major disruption.