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Customer Satisfaction is a Top Priority.
Hear From a Few of Our Many Happy Customers.

Reputation is Important in IT

At itSynergy, we’ve never been the type of company willing to rest on our laurels. It’s one thing for us to tell you what a meaningful change we can be for your business. It’s another thing to let our satisfied clients tell you themselves.

Just a few of the processes we've developed to help businesses include:

  • James Sherrill

    James Sherrill - Director, Information Technology Fitch

    “As I.T. Director for FITCH, I enthusiastically recommend itSynergy for all of your IT support and upgrade/migration projects. I was responsible for upgrading our systems. Their assistance and guidance with this project proved to be invaluable and it was completed over the course of a weekend. They were with me on Monday morning and quickly resolved a few outstanding minor issues. Without question, I will use itSynergy for all of our future IT projects.”

  • John Dennison

    John Dennison - Technical Support Covalence

    “I just wanted to send you a note about George. I wanted to let you know that he has done a great job on our server transition! This was a lot of work for him I’m sure and I’m also sure he ran into some obstacles but he was in constant contact via text and email to keep me up to date on what was going on. He continues to be very responsive to the few small remaining issues that are present (nothing major). I just wanted to let you know that I think he is doing a great job!”

  • Katie

    Katie Haftarczyk - Office Manager Duncker Streett & Co., LLC

    “While John and Holly were here, they asked how IT was going. It was only then, that it dawned on me that we haven’t had any IT issues. Shame on me, for only noticing the things that aren’t working, and not showing the appreciation for the things that are. So kudos, to whoever found IT Synergy. They are amazing! I appreciate how knowledgeable they are and quick to resolve issues.”

  • “Customer service oriented” - CPA – Shareholder-in-Charge R & A CPAs

    Your knowledge and hands-on experience in the technical arena bundled with your professionalism and customer service oriented approach makes each interaction with itSynergy an asset to our company.

  • jonathan-allen

    “Able to Turn the Faucet On or Off” - CIO

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate John’s help – he really went the extra mile to help us out and was (is) a real lifesaver. Thanks again – you guys are heroes in my book, it’s like in the old movies when they call in the cavalry and everything is just all better.

  • Yadira Vargas

    When asking for assistance, it is completed in a quick manner and with confidence that the technician has the knowledge to complete the said/asked tasks. Thank you so very much!! Alex, Dan, & Joshua. You have a team of other technicians that are awesome too, I just seem to get the top three when I need help! Again, thank you!!

  • Matt Leonard

    Matt Leonard

    Spoke w Michael a few minutes ago. Awesome customer service! Michael did his homework prior to making the 1st call to me, and it appears the inquiry from the vendor was legitimate Thank you for your assistance!

  • Gabi Holberg

    TQ was not only knowledgeable and patient, but managed to make me laugh during what could just as easily have been a frustrating experience; instead it was pleasant from beginning to end.

  • Jennifer Szaro

    Jennifer Szaro

    Really excellent level of service and prompt in responding to requests.

  • Steven Betts

    Steven Betts

    The folks are very professional and understanding, even of an old school, non-computer guy.