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You hear about large-scale security breaches but may often think your business is secure. Most small- and medium-sized businesses tend to think they don’t have a problem – until they do. You need a sound cybersecurity policy — plan, tools for best-in-class prevention, detection and mitigation — to protect your data and business interests.

We are a 24/7/365 team of experts (including ethical hackers) that specializes in IT and cybersecurity solutions that you can trust. We customize your IT infosecurity program to protect you from the latest threats no matter where they originate. By providing a layered defense plan, we know how to deter bad actors from entering your systems, and know how to kick them out quickly should the need arise.

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Our secure IT solutions include…

Digital Data Security

Digital Data Security

At itSynergy, we ensure the continuous security and availability of data to SMBs and organizations in and around Phoenix, Arizona and Denver, Colorado. We have the expertise and the experience to keep your data safe from external and internal threats, whether from bad actors or accidental. Let us help you deploy MFAinformation rights management (IRM) and the latest encryption techniques to ensure your data will be readily available, whenever and wherever it’s needed. 


Network monitoring

Bad actors rarely strike during normal business hours. Your infrastructure needs around-the-clock monitoring of your data environment; identifying and mitigating risks to both your up-time and your security.  We proactively maintain the performance of your network and monitor network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, wireless LAN controllers, servers, VMs, printers, storage devices and anything else connected to your network.


Application and Endpoint Security

Our team provides desktop cybersecurity protection and monitoring, as well as next generation anti-virus, endpoint detection and response, domain name system filtering,  and more. We’ll help you to improve security practices to find, fix and prevent security issues within your environment all the way to the end user.

Phoenix IT Consulting

Policy Development and Management

Our team of cybersecurity and data governance experts can help build the policies that will keep your data safe, secure and compliant, without obstructing the way your employees want to work. We’ll provide continuous monitoring of these policies, and offer guidance on ways to address new threats and vulnerabilities.  Most importantly we’ll help you develop what regulators want to see – customized policies that reflect what is actually happening in your environment and your daily practices – not just a template where your company name is filled in the blanks. 

Data Backup

Data backup

Backing up your data to a secure location is not only a good-practice defense against accidental loss, ransomware or disaster, but required within most industry regulations and privacy laws. Our team includes experts in backup policies and deployments, ensuring that you will always have up-to-date copies of your data available to be restored the instant you need them.

Staff Awareness training

Staff awareness training

Technology is only one solution to data safety. Your staff are your first, last and, often, most effective line of defense. We provide staff awareness training for cybersecurity and data privacy – which are often required by industry regulators like the SEC – helping ensure that every data interaction is careful, considered and respectful of any obligations. 

, The Most Advanced Cybersecurity Services
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We first help you assess your business risk by evaluating the status of your current data security program to identify any vulnerabilities. Then we develop a cybersecurity policy that includes implementing anti-virus software, establishing password guidelines and best practices, network security protocols, data backup and disaster recovery plans and employee training.

Contact us to learn how our data security knowledge and expertise developing cybersecurity policies can help you safeguard your most valuable asset—your data.