Outsourced IT Services

Outsourced IT Adds the Best and Brightest to Your Team

Partnering with an outsourced IT company brings a roster of top-notch talent to your company without the overhead and expense of building your own tech team.


Reduce IT Pain, Increase Business Opportunities

You want to run your business, but technology keeps getting in the way. Without experts to repair and manage IT, you’re stuck pulling in any resource from every department to troubleshoot, fix and manage your technology.

Outsourcing eliminates your IT friction, all without you having to interview, hire and train new employees. It frees up time for you and your employees to focus on projects that are critical to your business growth goals while a team of experienced professionals manages all your technology needs.

Turn Us Into Your On-Call IT Department

We will work with you to secure your systems, strategically guide high-level IT decisions and minimize tech-related business disruptions. If you have an internal IT department, we will partner with them in a hybrid support model. Any tasks they do not have time or expertise to manage can be offloaded onto us.

  • Consistent monthly technology costs

  • Trained technicians who prevent and solve issues

  • Fully staffed IT team for the price of one in-house employee

  • 24/7 network monitoring

  • Improve uptime, system availability and efficiency

  • Ethical hackers ready to battle cybercriminals

How We Work with You

  • 1

    Schedule an Appointment

    It’s easy to connect with us. Ensuring a smooth transition is what we do best.

  • 2

    Transition and Standardize

    Receive your SynergySafe Roadmap.

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    We implement an ongoing technology management strategy and cycle to help your business succeed.

Plain-English Tech Solutions You Can Trust

Since 1997, small and medium-sized businesses have trusted us to develop plans that conserve and protect their resources. Our partners know we put tech in plain English and only recommend strategies that work for their business.

Stay One Step Ahead with the Latest IT Skillsets

Technology is a constant state of innovation. If you aren’t keeping up, you’re behind. That’s why we invest in continuous education opportunities for our employees and attend conferences.

It’s a conscious effort that few managed IT providers make and gives us the most up-to-date skills to better serve our clients. We apply what we learn in our daily work. Organizations that partner with us always have access to the most relevant, current technologies and strategies.

Are Your Highly Skilled Employees Doing the Job You Hired Them to Do?

Without the right IT support, your team is responsible for troubleshooting IT. Time that could be spent serving your community is spent trying to tame technology.

Consultants don’t point out processes that could be streamlined and automated, thus forcing employees to work through tedious processes. Over time, the frustrations and productivity losses stack up and you’re outpaced by competitors.

Give Us Your Technology Problems, Win Back Your Time

itSynergy has provided managed IT services and support to businesses, non-profits and registered investment advisors for 20+ years. Our clients know their systems are more secure and their technology works better because the team of experts at itSynergy is managing everything for them. We believe that with expertly managed IT, any organization will find it easier to accomplish daily tasks, complete projects and meet growth goals.

By choosing itSynergy, you can rest assured that your data will be protected, backed up by our knowledgeable team of experts and organized as efficiently as possible.