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You may have considered Outsourcing IT services but felt overwhelmed or unsure about how to do it. So many IT services firms talk in tech-speak. itSynergy is different. We specialize in helping small and medium sized businesses in Phoenix take the mystery out of their tech.

We put tech in plain language and develop a plan for you that will conserve and protect your resources.

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Recruiting and retaining an in-house IT staff is expensive and building a qualified staff with the right credentials is time-consuming and difficult. Therefore, many companies are finding that they can reduce costs and receive top-notch service by outsourcing IT services.




Using an outsourced IT team means your monthly expense is consistent. It means you can focus your human resources where you need them most. This gives you the ability to focus on projects that are critical to your business growth goals while a team of experienced professionals manages all your IT needs.

Phoenix IT Services

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Outsourcing IT services is an important decision for Phoenix companies. By choosing itSynergy, you can rest assured that your data will be protected, backed up by our knowledgeable team of experts and organized as efficiently as possible. Contact us to get started.