Rapid Security Assessment

IT Management: The Rules of Cyber Keep Changing

Here’s a hard truth. You could spend all the money in your IT budget on preventing cyber breaches and you still wouldn’t fully protect client data. Today’s criminals are professionals. They’re often funded by organized crime. Cybersecurity companies in Phoenix and Denver will recommend mixing detection and remediation tools with preventative measures.

However, the cyberthreat landscape is always changing. Which means the tools you use for prevention, detection and remediation need to adapt as well.

Before you go out and get an expensive penetration test or sign up for solutions that won’t offer the right level of protection, consider a rapid security assessment from the Denver and Phoenix IT services experts here at itSynergy. This evaluation is a lower-cost yet effective option to help you take stock of your cyber environment and prepare for a more extensive (and expensive) penetration test.

Why Invest in a Rapid Security Assessment?

Quite simply, we started recommending rapid security assessments to help area organizations save money and be more cyber secure. Penetration tests can cost upwards of $10,000. A rapid security assessment uncovers key cyber recommendations at a fraction of a cost. It will point out what’s missing and where your vulnerabilities lie. Then, when the time is right for your penetration test, you can focus on advanced, fatal flaws that today’s professional hackers know how to exploit.

What to expect:

  • itSynergy security experts and certified ethical hackers will utilize advanced discovery tools to scrutinize your on-premise and cloud environments.

  • The evaluation generates hundreds and hundreds of pages of data about your IT systems.

  • Your rapid security assessment team will pour through data and pare it down to a distinct list of recommendations.

  • You receive a clear, actionable report that will help close your cybersecurity gaps. Your report will uncover what you can do quickly (or on your own) and those areas where outside expertise is recommended.

  • Some actions will carry a cost, others won’t. All are designed to decrease the level of risk in your environment.

  • A rapid security assessment can be completed in as little as a week but will depend on how long it takes for us to gain access to key data and systems.

Important Note: Our Rapid Security Assessment is not intended to replace a penetration test or other more extensive analysis.  It is designed to identify the more common and “easier-to-resolve” action items, and therefore increase the return on investment from your penetration test.

Lower your risk profile and protect confidential client data … all at a fraction of the cost of a penetration test.

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