Confidently Take Your Next Step in the Cloud

Stop wondering “What next?” and strategically move your business forward with our Managed Cloud Services.

Modernize and Enhance Your Business

Expertly designed cloud environments deliver the frictionless work-from-anywhere experience you and your employees now expect.

No one is constrained by clunky VPNs or convoluted login systems. Security is layered in, protecting your business without being cumbersome for end-users.

Everyone works efficiently, boosting your company’s overall productivity.

What Do Managed Cloud Services Include?

Stop feeling overwhelmed with how to make your IT more efficient, connected, secure and reliable with our Managed Cloud Services. When you partner with us, you access:

  • Strategic planning

  • Fully managed migrations with virtually no downtime

  • 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring

  • Continuous maintenance

  • Vendor assessments

  • Consulting on industry regulation compliance and data residency

Answer questions you didn’t think to ask

It’s critical to work with a partner like itSynergy who will ask questions you didn’t think to ask – like “Do you need a backup internet connection to avoid downtime?”

Without this expertise during the planning stage, you unwittingly create business risk. When unplanned-for scenarios unfold, the benefits of moving to the cloud disappear because employees cannot work and clients cannot use your services.

At itSynergy, we ask the questions you never thought to ask and interpret the answer in English so you can understand the implications.

Managed Cloud Services Deliver Business Stability

Moving to the cloud improves operational efficiency and maximizes resources. When you partner with itSynergy for your migration, you’ll streamline processes and:

Make better business decisions

Get jargon-free answers to your questions from experts who understand your business and technology needs.

Minimize disruption for end-users

During your migration we take extra steps to ensure none of the complexity or back-end work spills over to your employees. Migrations are completed on time and workflows are not impacted.

Maximize ROI on current investments

Microsoft 365 is more than Outlook. Organizations leveraging SharePoint, Teams, and the other apps get a better return on investment because they use what they already pay for and potentially eliminate duplicate software.

Work securely anywhere, anytime

Proactive risk management and layered cybersecurity solutions create a safe operating environment for employees working at home, in the office, and on the road.

How We Work With You

We are a Phoenix cloud services provider who partners with organizations throughout Arizona and Denver, CO. We make it easy to connect and work with us wherever you’re located.


1. Schedule an Appointment

Call us and share what you want to do in the cloud.


2. Seamlessly Migrate

Experts design and execute your cloud migration.


3. Securely Grow

We implement an ongoing security strategy to safeguard your business so you don’t face unnecessary risks.

At itSynergy Your Security Always Comes First

A properly managed and monitored cloud is one of the most secure environments to store your data because it is monitored 24/7/365.

Not every managed cloud services provider layers security throughout your solution

At itSynergy, we know there is no single solution that will keep you secure in the cloud. It depends on the software you use, vendors you work with, and how your employees access systems.

To account for all variables and risks, we offer consultative cybersecurity services. After assessing your situation, we architect a solution based on your needs, risk appetite and budget.

Since 1997 organizations have chosen itSynergy because they want to use technology to gain a competitive advantage and operate more efficiently.

Carefully Planned Migrations Limit Risk and Save Money

Use our expertise to make an informed decision for your company. We walk through all “What if …” scenarios with you so that you clearly understand the pros, cons, and potential business risks of every decision you make.

The Wrong Cloud Choice Negatively Impacts Your Business for Years

The cloud is an investment. The choices you make about which software and systems to migrate will have long-term financial and operational impacts on your business.

Without guidance from experts, you could lock yourself into a decision that negatively impacts your business for years.

You do not want to realize 6 months after selecting cloud-based software that it does not have a key feature or lacks critical cybersecurity protections. The only way out of the problem is to invest, again, in cloud migration services.

How To Know You’re Ready To Talk to a Cloud Migration Expert

Moving forward in the cloud is right for you if you want to:

Stop asking “What next?” and “Do we still need servers?”

You migrated email years ago. Now you’re staring at aging servers and a suite of Microsoft 365 apps that no one in your organization uses. You want to be competitive, increase efficiency, and maximize ROI but don’t know which next step to take.

Reduce capital and operating expenses

Instead of building and maintaining an on-premises data center, you access storage, processing, and analytics through the cloud-hosting company. A good cloud strategy also helps you save on maintenance and infrastructure costs and eliminates the need to pay high labor costs for in-house IT expertise.

Ease data access and improve collaboration

All data is saved and backed up to the cloud, making it accessible to your entire staff from any location. Employees can work on the same file simultaneously because everyone has access to the latest information in the same document or file. You eliminate document management confusion and optimize workflows.

Avoid downtime

Secure off-site data storage provides continual access to your systems and data with a web-connected laptop or mobile device. This minimizes the risk of downtime due to a cyberattack, flood, fire, or other natural disaster.

Demystify Moving to the Cloud

Figuring out the next step your business should take in the cloud is a challenge. No technology is the perfect match for every situation – your plan must account for your business’ unique operating environment. Before you commit to a costly migration, call us. We’ll listen to your needs and share which managed cloud services maximize your ROI.

About itSynergy

itSynergy is a leading provider of outsourced IT solutions and cloud services in Phoenix. Businesses, nonprofits and registered investment advisors choose to work with us because they know our experts will protect and efficiently manage their IT systems.