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Stop feeling overwhelmed with how to make your IT more efficient, connected, secure and reliable with our Cloud Services.

We take the mystery out of moving to the cloud for Phoenix companies. The cloud simply means having access to the same applications and data you have today, but without lots of servers and equipment in house.

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Moving data to the cloud helps small- and medium-sized businesses because it enables them to improve and streamline internal processes and improve operational efficiency as well as maximize resources.  



Cloud Services

Some of the biggest benefits of our cloud services and solutions include:

Cloud Services

Cloud Services Reduce Capital and Operating Expenses

Hosting data in the cloud helps you significantly reduce operating and capital expenses. Instead of building and maintaining an on-premises data center, you access hardware and tools such as storage, processing, and analytics through the cloud hosting company. A good cloud strategy also helps you save on maintenance and infrastructure costs and eliminates the need to pay high labor costs for in-house IT expertise.

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The Cloud Provides Easier Data Access and Collaboration

All data is saved and backed up to the cloud. So, it is accessible to your entire staff from any location. Employees can work on the same file simultaneously, which means you can manage documents and projects more easily, and everyone has access to the latest information in the same document or file. So, there is no confusion as to which document is the latest version.

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Cloud Services With Advanced Security

The cloud is one of the most secure environments to store your data because it is monitored 24/7/365. So, if your laptop was stolen, the perpetrators would not be able to access your data unless they had your login information. If you want to allow others to access your systems and data, you can control what they can access as well as their level of accessibility.

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Anytime Anywhere Flexibility

Moving forward with a cloud migration plan will help you run your business more dynamically. Employees can get work from home, at airports and hotels, from a coffee shop or anywhere they choose. So, they can get their work done more efficiently, which helps your company be more productive.

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Improved Continuity & Availability

Secure offsite data storage is automatically provided because servers are in different locations from your business. So, you avoid downtime if you experience a flood, fire or other natural disaster because you and your staff can access your systems and data with a web-connected laptop or mobile device. You also do not have to worry about backing up or losing files or documents because your backup and disaster recovery plan has built-in cloud components.

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There are many benefits to cloud migration. However, the transition can be a challenge, and no technology is the perfect match for every situation. So, before you “take the plunge,” contact us to learn more about how our cloud services can help you ease the transition.