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Be A (Super) Hero: Leverage 365 for Full ROI and Create New Business Advantages

Be A (Super) Hero:

Leverage 365 for Full ROI and Create New Business Advantages

Set up presentations as fast as a speeding bullet! Analyze reports with x-ray vision! Leap project deadlines with a single bound! Be a super hero – lead your company to success with the power of Office 365!

Filled with super powers itself, Office 365 makes life easier with increased access to business applications, superior collaboration tools and innovative management possibilities.  The enterprise cloud service also creates business advantages that lead to ever-elusive episodes of increased return on investment (ROI).

In the huge Metropolis of cloud-based services, O365 has proven super powers in the ROI realm. A Total Economic Impact study of Office 365 by Forrester Research in 2014 revealed the value and ROI O365 achieves as compared to on-premise software.

Organizations with one to 250 users can expect an ROI of 154% with a payback in 5.1 months, according to Forrester. O365’s ROI power covers your business with a cloak of profitability and productivity.

O365’s 5 ROI Super Powers
Companies studied by Forrester showed reduced costs in support and licensing and marked improvement in IT security.

  • 9% less IT support costs required for legacy systems
  • 2% less Microsoft licensing costs
  • 4% less procurement and third-party software license costs


With O365, remote workers are more engaged and effective using accelerated workflows and streamlines operations.

  • 42% of companies saw an increase in worker productivity
  • 38% reported happier employees because of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies
  • 33% reported less user downtime

Control, compliance, security

Enterprise-quality security and easier data management results in fewer data breaches and compliance risks.

  • 8% reduced compliance costs
  • 7% less time spent on eDiscovery efforts
  • 73% reduction in data breaches
  • 32% decrease in the cost of data breaches

Business intelligence

Real-time data reports give business decision-makers access to advanced analytics – giving them the super power to set well-informed company direction.

  • 45% reported improvement in employee performance because of 24/7 access to information
  • 28% reported corporate knowledge improvements because information is no longer “lost” on local systems
  • Most reported system uptimes of nearly 100%

Enterprise social

O365 tools improve knowledge sharing, collaboration and productivity through social interaction.

  • 10% reported increased overall productivity due to social components that allow knowledge sharing
  • Improved collaboration with Yammer, increase in knowledge sharing

Be a super hero with Office 365. Calculate your company’s potential O365 ROI with Microsoft’s calculator. Then, start fighting the krypton of not knowing O365’s full potential with itSynergy’s hands-on Customer Immersion Experience (CIE). For more information, get in touch with us at 602-883-0020 or online.

*All statistics and results taken from the full case study by Forrester Research: “The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Office 365 – Enterprise Customers, October, 2014.”



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