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3 Ways IT Consulting and IT Support Give Your Business an Edge in 2022

Technology is tightly woven into your daily operations. Yet few businesses exploit all the ways IT consulting and IT support can be used to create competitive business advantages. When you have a strategic Phoenix IT services provider, you can use technology to:

1. Eliminate frustration and improve employee retention

2. Stay several steps ahead of cybercriminals and insurance companies

3. Invest in full-time employees you actually need

1. Eliminate Frustrations and Improve Employee Retention

In the early days of the pandemic, employees working from home accepted “temporary” additional steps to access documents or complete daily tasks. Now their patience is gone, and they know they have other options.

Employees are done accepting the status quo

Today’s workers have no problem saying, “I quit.” If you don’t address their concerns, your employees will leave for a company that has a more user-friendly remote work environment.

You have the resources to improve user experience

Shift the budget you set aside for IT capital expenses to IT operating expenses. Instead of investing in servers, move to the cloud.

Businesses operating in the cloud:

  • Improve employee productivity through real-time collaboration
  • Aren’t forced to maintain server rooms and equipment
  • Can truly work from anywhere
  • Gain cyber crime fighting tools
  • Suffer fewer business disruptions

The cloud is a healthier model for your business

We’re telling every customer today that it’s unlikely they’ll ever buy another server. Whether you look at it through the lens of cost, flexibility, user experience or security, migrating to the cloud is a wise business move.

2. Stay Several Steps Ahead of Criminals and Insurance Companies

Wily cybercriminals are exceptional at getting people to download malware and part with their money. Insurance companies are sick of getting burned by ransomware fees. Preventing financial loss from cybercrime depends on your ability to get in front of threat actors and cyber insurance companies.

Insurers are looking after their bottom line

Insurers are instituting new coverage prerequisites designed to keep you from being an expensive liability. The requirements apply to clients signing up for cyber insurance, but are a bigger financial risk to anyone renewing their policies. Like new clients, you’ll need to prove you have certain security measures in place.

If you experience an attack before taking care of each point, your deductible could double, and you may pay half of any demanded ransom.

We consistently operate 2 to 3 years ahead of insurance requirements

Our Phoenix IT services clients will tell you “new” underwriting requirements, like multi-factor authentication (MFA) aren’t novel at all. We’ve championed the breach-preventing, budget-friendly security measure for over 3 years. This is just one instance of how we get our clients ahead of the curve.

Our clients are better prepared – for everything

Here’s why

3. Invest in Full-Time Employees You Actually Need

Striking the right balance for IT support and IT consulting is tricky. First, it’s expensive. Highly skilled positions – like cybersecurity experts – are in high demand and command equally high salaries. If you do find and employ one, it’s unlikely you’ll have a volume of work for them to do that justifies their salary. This conundrum leads businesses to fall into the next problem: only hiring a single IT professional or helpdesk support team.

Helpdesk is not IT support

Helpdesk technicians should be part of your team, but they can’t be your entire IT support solution.

A helpdesk technician’s workflow is to fix a problem and close the ticket. That’s different from what a cybersecurity professional does.

Not all IT problems are issues for the helpdesk

Cybersecurity tools generate alerts about unusual behavior and potential security issues. The notifications vary based on what’s happening, but the message is the same – hey, there could be a problem here, you should check it out.

The alerts aren’t black and white

Sometimes it is legitimate activity, carried out by people with proper permissions. Your cybersecurity professional has to make a judgement call. They rely on extensive training to make the right decision. Helpdesk technicians do not have this background or skillset. It’s beyond their paygrade.

Outsourcing to a Phoenix IT services firm frees up salaries for core workers

Partnering with a third-party IT support and IT consulting provider gives you an on-call team. Money you would have spent directly employing an IT professional can now be spent on employees who have responsibilities directly related to your business operations.

Use IT Consulting and IT Support to Reach 2022 Goals

We only recommend proven strategies and solutions to our clients. It’s not guesswork. Our IT consultants comb through the research and tools to make recommendations that pay off for our clients.

What do you want to achieve this year?

We can help you generate positive ROI and gain an edge for your business in 2022.

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