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It’s hard to know how to structure your IT for mobility, cybersecurity, availability and ease of use. It’s harder still to understand most IT firms.

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We specialize in IT consulting to identify your risks and architect an IT plan that fits your business. Then we explain it in plain language so that you can be confident about your IT and your IT partner – itSynergy.

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Every technology initiative should be driven by strategy and should support the strategic goals of your business, but small- and medium-sized businesses often collect and build technology organically, without long term goals in mind. Your teams are so busy and stretched for time and resources that all they have time to do is react to what they see in the market and adopt technology to keep up with their competitors. Does this sound like you?

For best results, you should be thinking about where you see your company in the future and what technologies you will need to help them reach their goals.

As a leading managed IT services provider in Phoenix, itSynergy can help you get on the right track by developing a robust technology management strategy and plan. Our team becomes your virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) to help you leverage technology so it becomes a strategic asset for your business. We can help your internal IT team execute on strategic goals or provide our own team to execute the strategy. These are a few examples of how we can help you develop a technology strategy that works for your business.

IT Management

Address your long term business strategy

Help you identify ways to save time, lower costs, retain existing clients and attract new clients, and ensure your technology plan is aligned with your growth targets and service offerings.

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Conduct an environmental scan of your existing and desired technology

Evaluate new technologies and identify the ones that best fit your strategy. We also help you choose suppliers based on the quality of the companies’ executives, their track record; cybersecurity; profitability; investment in research; and development and engagement with customers.

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Formulate a realistic implementation plan

Develop a “phase-in” plan that you can easily implement without overwhelming your employees, IT infrastructure and budget with too many changes at one time that includes training and support.

Phoenix IT Consulting

Involve clients, partners and stakeholders

Promote new systems and developments to clients and demonstrate how it will save them time and money. Including them in the process and involving them throughout the implementation will build confidence and trust and create transparency.

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We are bilingual. We speak English and Tech. Let us help you with an IT strategy that works for your business and tame your IT.

Contact us to learn how we can apply our managed services expertise to help you develop a technology strategy that works for your company today, and will help you reach the goals you have set for the future.