itSynergy: Peoria’s #1 Outsourced IT Consulting Firm

At itSynergy, we take the mystery out of technology. When tech works as it should, your business is free to accomplish important objectives – and not waste your valuable internal resources on system failures buried in layers of code. itSynergy’s mission is to provide unmatched managed IT services and tech support for Peoria local businesses. With technology optimized and out of your hands, you can go back to running the business that you love. It’s that simple.

Why Work With Us?

Peoria companies value efficient, customer-focused services that streamline daily processes. By working with itSynergy, Peoria businesses can reap the benefits:

  • Lower IT maintenance costs and reduced risk exposure

  • Faster issue resolution and recovery times

  • Increased system availability and improved continuity

  • Reduced labor costs and reduced strain on internal resources

Technology is not your business, but it is ours. Stop the IT fire before it starts.

Choose itSynergy.

Recruiting and retaining an in-house IT staff with the right credentials is expensive and time-consuming. By outsourcing IT services, Chandler companies can reduce costs and receive exceptional service for long-term or short-term projects. Our long list of satisfied clients that credit iT Synergy with invaluable tech support agree!


At itSynergy, we offer:


IT Consulting

Our team becomes your virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) and works with your internal IT team to develop strategic goals that fit your business priorities.

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Technology Management

We provide the tech talent your company needs, from Level 1 help desk support to senior technical staff

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Outsourced IT Service

We cultivate an outsourced team that can translate tech-speak, so you save internal resources without sacrificing excellent tech services.

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Cloud Services

Access the same applications and data without being bogged down by in-house servers and equipment.

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Disaster Recovery Strategy

Ensure that your IT infrastructure is prepared, backed up, and available in the case an unforeseen disaster should strike.

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Avoid disastrous cybersecurity breaches that come with significant fines.

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For a better IT experience with a knowledgeable partner who makes IT easy, choose itSynergy.

Contact our Chandler professionals today to discuss your business technology needs. Let us handle the tech so you can get back to doing what you love. Call (602) 806–8025 for more information.