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Best of 2020

What many would characterize as the mentally longest year in recent time is, finally, almost over. Before you log onto your company’s virtual holiday party and take the work break you so very much deserve, consider this. A new date on your calendar doesn’t automatically invoke change. Unless you plan now, your IT strategy goals and development will be waiting for you on Monday, January 4.

In these last few days and weeks, reflect on all the successful tech pivots and unfortunate pitfalls of the past year. Did your IT solutions enable you to react to each curveball with minimal business interruption? Or, did you suffer mounting downtime, field complaints from frustrated employees or lose out on business opportunities because your systems failed? 

Here at itSynergy, we ask that you allocate a little bit of time left on your work calendar to read, watch and listen to our top shared articles, videos and webinars from the past year that can help you plan the first steps towards a proactive, resilient IT strategy in 2021.

1) Blog – Long-Term Takeaways from COVID

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2020 brought with it a number of major changes to how we do business. You may be wondering, how long are things going to be this way? What aspects of my current tech strategy will need to change next year, and what’s going to stay the same?

In this article, we shared key long-term COVID takeaways. These are the things itSynergy is helping our clients prepare for as they get back to business.

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2) Webinar – FBI Cybersecurity Takeaways Webinar

Most businesses struggled this spring to set up remote-work IT solutions to remain productive and to maintain communications with clients and colleagues.

That, unfortunately, didn’t give you time to properly assess vendors, processes and procedures, and you may have implemented several “good enough” quick fixes that you hoped would do the trick. Did they?

It’s time to look at the IT compliance and cybersecurity measures you have in place and ensure they are effectively doing their jobs.

In this webinar, we receive guidance from an FBI agent and explore the most important focus areas you should consider when it comes to cybersecurity. Click the image below to watch it.

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3) Video – Recession Proof Your IT

2020 has taught us that businesses must remain alert and agile to be ready for what’s next. And while the “R” word (recession) looms large in conversations, we are still seeing many businesses focusing on how they can cut IT costs as a strategy to shore up their businesses. However, you also need a solid IT strategy in place to ensure your business doesn’t lose efficiencies or productivity.

In this short video, we show how you can set up your tech management to rightsize your spending while keeping IT running smoothly.

ITS Recession Proof

4) Blog and VideoSuccessful Backups 

We originally produced this video and blog on March 17 – normally a lucky day. Little did we know, a mere two weeks later, we’d be heading into a shutdown. With a sense of urgency to keep productivity up, basic business continuity and cybersecurity measures were lowered in priority. Now is the time to revisit this article to ensure you are ready for whatever, good or bad, comes our way in 2021.

ITS Disaster Recovery
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5) Webinar: Life Hack My M365

Since the mass migration to a work-from-home environment back in the spring, we continue to see area businesses working to accommodate that flexible workforce.

If you’re still “not there yet,” our recent webinar is for you!

ITS Life Hack My M365

We assembled a team of experts to help you and your team better leverage the power of your M365 toolbox. Take 60 minutes now, and you’ll save hours and hours of productivity in 2021.



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