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The Two Types of Single IT Issues that Haunt Your Company

The Two Types of Single IT Issues that Haunt Your Company

It’s just this one problem, but…

It would be pretty nice if all you had was one IT issue, huh? But what if that one issue takes over and causes problems for your entire company? Suddenly, one lone complication is as much a problem as 10 issues combined.

Issues that are obvious

Sometimes these single issues are long-term and very apparent. If no one can print or all the computers are running sluggishly, everyone in the organization is aware of the issue.

For example, when a law firm brought itSynergy on board, one of their major complaints was they spent most of their time watching the blue spinning circle while trying to load programs. Even when they installed a brand-new computer right out of the box, the slow response time continued.

itSynergy conducted a performance review of the firm’s system and discovered a piece of hardware in the network that was not suitable for their environment. By replacing this one single piece with the correct hardware, the network-wide performance issues were eliminated immediately.

This one problem had quietly plagued the firm for years while employees learned to work around it (waiting and watching that spinning blue circle day after day). Other single IT issues are not as subtle.

Secret issues that hide in the background

Another client had a water pipe burst in their server room dropping 50,000 gallons of water on their servers. While that alone is extremely obvious, and all equipment had to be replaced, that’s not the end of the story.

After being retained to replace the water-damaged hardware, itSynergy discovered the company’s system was way overbuilt for its needs.

A previous IT provider had taken advantage of the business and sold them equipment they didn’t even need. Replacement costs – with the proper equipment – were a third of the original system costs, saving them a lot of money and streamlining their entire infrastructure. itSynergy collaborates with its clients to customize equipment and systems to support your strategic goals.

The most common single issues we encounter

We went into our records and analyzed the most frequent single issues we encounter when working with a new organization:

Although these are just one problem, some obvious, some hidden, they can cause everything from slow production and inefficiencies to complete downtime. itSynergy takes a deep dive into your business systems to make them efficient and effective. Eliminate these issues for the last time: contact us at 602-297-2400 or online.



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