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Manage Annoying IT Stress in Two Steps

Manage Annoying IT Stress in Two Steps

You know what we’re talking about. They happen practically every day, and they can make life rough. They’re the “little” technology issues – like not being able to print or being unable to share your calendar.

Technology plays an important role in today’s business world. In fact, many businesses couldn’t even operate without technology, which is why IT issues can be a huge source of friction for business owners.

Whether you’re experiencing the same IT problems repeatedly or you’re not sure your technology is being used to its fullest potential, these irritants keep you from focusing on your core business.

Two ways to manage friction points in your technology

  1. Upgrade your awareness

Being aware that there may be a better way, is the first step to minimizing friction. As average users of technology, we don’t know what we don’t know. If we’ve been trained one way to perform a task, we don’t necessarily look for a better way to do that task. This causes friction as we may be less productive or frustrated with the process.

From taking advantage of document collaboration to utilizing complex Excel formulas to going in depth with critical line-of-business applications, your software has many features that you probably aren’t using. Features that streamline, simplify and improve your productivity.

 Action to take now:

Continual computer training opportunities for your staff can steadily increase their professional competencies and experience, while accruing the benefits of a comprehensive employee development program to your business. By knowing your software better, you will be equipped to study current processes and modify them to be more efficient and less stressful.

  1. Reject the status quo

When you think “there’s got to be a better way,” you’re right. For instance, when you find yourself manually manipulating data in a program, it pays off in time savings to automate that same task. On average, employees are unproductive for 8.6 hours of every 20 hours they are sitting at the computer. Instead of accepting things as they are, reject the status quo and search for a better way.

Action to take now:

The best place to start in your search for better IT processes and implementation is with your strategic IT partner. They’ll be able to assess your work flow, look at available technology, and make recommendations for optimization.

Some of the most annoying friction points in your business are the IT problems that don’t go away. Like an endless loop, you’ll have an IT issue, call the IT person, and they fix it. But later, the same problem happens again. So you call your IT person, they fix it, and on it goes, over and over and over again.

Reject the status quo. Stop this break-fix cycle. When it comes to your technology, the foundation of your business operations, your IT partner must find the root cause of recurring problems, and fix them once and for all.

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