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IT Services Outsourcing Removes Technology Friction

Rather than defining a mission at itSynergy, we refer to the reason why we do what we do as our ’cause’. For us, our cause is what inspires us at a deep level to come into the office every day. Our cause is to remove the friction of technology from businesses by providing IT services outsourcing.

Identifying friction is a custom discussion based on your business, your current technology, and the people who use it. That being said, there are several recurring themes we see across all of our customers (across different industries). We share those themes here to provide a foundation for you to identify the technology friction in your business. Once identified, we can work with you to eliminate the friction.

Technology Friction Is Costing You Customers

1. There is a customer that has decided to do business with you, but your technology is preventing them from completing the transaction. The best example of this type of friction is companies that sell things online. It is SO frustrating to have found something you want to buy, you have your credit card in hand, and you can’t complete the transaction. You can’t remember your account password that you set up the last time you ordered something from them (3 years ago).

IT Services Outsourcing Fixes These Technology Issues

You can relieve the day-to-day technology issues cost you customers by having an IT partner. Send the problem tickets to the help desk. Call your technician with a quick question. Have a plan for maintaining and testing your software applications. All of these are possible with an IT services partner.

Technology Friction Has You Hostage

2. You are tied to a system that is inefficient. This is often one of the most difficult areas of friction to eliminate. Often that system is highly customized to your industry, and there are a lot of alternative products available to choose from. That alone, however, is no reason to just lie down and accept defeat. We are usually able to engage with the vendor to find out best practices in use by other companies on their system.

IT Services Outsourcing Provides Options

When you outsource your IT management needs, your partner does the leg work for you. Figuring out the right software integrations is a key benefit to your operations. You get advanced guidance on the options available to you and then the implementation of those options. Save time on research and tech support calls with an outsourcing partner.

Technology Friction is Costing You Billable Hours

3. Inefficient processes run rampant in a variety of different areas. This point of friction can take several forms, but probably the most prevalent is not having integrated systems that allow pieces of data to only be entered once. Ask yourself, when a customer moves (and their address changes) how many places in your ‘system’ do you need to update their information?

IT Services Outsourcing Save You Time

Your IT partner has advanced experience with technology challenges and will solve your problem in a matter of minutes. What would take you hours to fix can be completed fast and efficiently. Your time is better spent building your business, not fixing your technology.

Technology Friction is Costing You Long Term Success

4. You suffer from recurring issues caused by treating a symptom and not addressing root cause. Usually, when it comes to technology, a ‘quick fix’ is applied to a problem to get people working again. While this is great in the short term it will actually become detrimental long-term unless there is a separate process created to address the root cause. If you are applying the same fix to a problem more than once, you are likely treating symptoms and not addressing root cause.

Any of these points sound familiar or hit a little too close to home? If so, you’ve taken step one – identifying points of technology friction that need to be eliminated.



itSynergy has been providing managed IT services and outsourced technology management to small- and mid-sized businesses for over 20 years. We are seen as trusted technology advisors by clients because we partner with them for success. Our philosophy is that when technology works as it should, it supports and enhances an organization’s ability to accomplish its goals and objectives and meet business growth goals.