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UPDATE: Internet Explorer Security Flaw FIXED

Approximately 2 hours ago, Microsoft released a fix for all versions of Internet Explorer that removes the current vulnerability allowing an attacker the same rights as the user of a compromised computer.

You can read the full release here (WARNING! Serious techie stuff ahead – proceed with caution):

We have already initiated a campaign to notify all of our customers of the existence of the fix. More importantly, we have already begun planning the rollout of this patch to all of our customers on an itSynergize Monthly Agreement. Our Unlimited customers will be prioritized first due to their shorter response time guarantee, followed closely by our remote customers and finally our managed customers.

It appears the update will require a reboot on most platforms, so we are scheduling most of the updates after hours this evening. If you’d like for us to install the update on one or more of your PCs sooner, please let us know.

We anticipate all customers will be fully patched by start of business tomorrow morning.

As a side note (and as a follow up to our previous post), the update DOES include a fix for versions of Internet Explorer on Windows XP. That means that at least for now, these machines will continue to be secure, however as before we don’t know if that will change in an hour, a week, or a year.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions.



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