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The Effect of Technology Adoption on Your Bottom Line

Our company mission statement is “To empower our clients to leverage their technology as a key strategic asset used to accomplish business goals and gain a competitive advantage.” It really speaks to the core of our reason for existence which is not technology for technology’s sake, but technology as a tool to achieve business results. This guides us in our approach to working with our customers and their technology, and is a key element in the development of all of our patterns, practices, and processes.
This weekend I came across a study by Boston Consulting Group which was commissioned by Microsoft:

To make a long story short, here are some conclusions of the study:

● Small and Medium Businesses can be divided into three groups when it comes to adoption and use of technology in the business: Technology Leaders, Technology Followers, and Technology Laggards.
● Technology Leaders create jobs almost twice as fast as other small businesses
● Technology Leaders increased their annual revenue 15 percentage points faster than other small businesses
● If just 15% of laggards and 25% of followers became leaders, the result would be 2 million jobs and an additional $357 billion added to the US economy

This data really resonates as it speaks to the core of what we are about and how our service offerings are constructed. There are some companies we are fortunate enough to call clients that simply utilize us for IT support. While it is certainly a function we perform well, it doesn’t allow us to do more than maintain the status quo.

Then there is the select group of clients which engages us under our “Technology Unlimited” program. For a fixed monthly fee, this program COMPLETELY outsources the IT function in an organization to our team of experts. Most importantly, it adds to our less comprehensive service plans by providing a virtual CIO to you organization who sits at the table for strategic level discussions and guidance. It is at this level of engagement where we can change the game and move companies in the laggards and followers group to leaders as well as ensure the leaders are positioned to stay in that category in the long term.

That is what we are passionate about at itSynergy, and it is nice to see some research which supports what we have been saying all along – that technology can be the driver behind real and significant business results.



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