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Solve Nagging IT Headaches

Solve Nagging IT Headaches

The printer isn’t working. The scanner isn’t saving files in the correct location. You can’t share your calendar with co-workers. Your computer is too slow.

You might believe these IT issues are just a way of life. They’ll never be resolved no matter what you do. You’ve called your IT provider so many times you feel like a nag.

Ask yourself this

Do you find yourself hesitant to call for repairs once again because calling IT takes more time than it’s worth and the issue is never permanently resolved?

Solutions people try instead

You learn to work around the problem. You connect to someone else’s printer in your office. You avoid scanning files altogether, or take the time to move them where they belong. You login to your web-based email portal to access calendars that you can’t see from your desktop application.

These “minor” IT issues happen when there’s a glitch in your IT processes. Either your IT provider isn’t aware of the issue (you’ve stopped calling, remember?) or they know about the issue but don’t have a way to identify and solve recurring issues.

At itSynergy, we offer two levels of service to address nagging IT issues. The first is our help desk that does whatever it takes to fix your immediate problem and keep you in production.

Our second level of service is a separate resource – our Net Admin – who drills down deep into IT problems. They are dedicated to ferreting out core IT issues and resolving them. Every week, this person looks at every client ticket that has been processed and looks for patterns of complaints. They then drill down into why the issue hasn’t been fixed permanently. Once the Net Admin finds the root cause, the issue is fixed once and for all.

It dawned on me that we haven’t had any IT issues. Shame on me, for only noticing the things that aren’t working and not showing the appreciation for the things that are. So, kudos to whomever found itSynergy. They are amazing! I appreciate how knowledgeable they are and quick to resolve issues.

 – Katie Haftarczyk, office manager, Duncker Streett & Co. LLC

Don’t be a nag – try a Managed IT Services Provider that gets to the root of the problem. At itSynergy, we focus on your IT o you can focus on your business. Get in touch with us at 602-297-2400 or online.



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