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Outsourced IT Support Peoria

itSynergy Providing Top-notch Outsourced IT Support in Peoria, AZ

If you’re dealing with inefficiencies, low productivity, or security challenges, it’s a clear sign that you should work with specialists that understand the complexities of technology. At itSynergy, we offer Outsourced IT Support designed to address these exact issues.

Feel assured that our services are tailored to keep your infrastructure and networks seamlessly operational when you need them. This translates into minimized downtime, heightened production levels, and controlled expenses.

At itSynergy, we go beyond merely managing technology; we optimize IT to be the driving force behind your success. Embrace a future where technology is an asset rather than a challenge, and let us lead you to efficiency, and security.

We understand the delicate balance between developing productive staff and keeping secure systems. Our objective is to empower your organization by ensuring that technology not only meets, but exceeds, your operating requirements. As the complexity of IT systems grows, our specialized team of professionals is available to manage and monitor your technological infrastructure around the clock.

We address the complex IT security concerns that frequently draw your attention away from vital business priorities. By automating, controlling, and fortifying all aspects of your IT infrastructure, we ensure compliance with industry and regulatory standards, protecting your company, employees, business partners, and customers.


Strategic Technology at  itSynergy’s IT Services

We are committed to ensuring that your workforce is not just functional, but also highly productive, effortlessly linked, and protected against potential security risks. We put our expertise to the forefront, clarifying technological language. At itSynergy, we believe in aligning technology with your company objectives, so that it becomes a tool for success rather than a barrier.


Technology Strategy Compliance

itSynergy steps in as your dedicated IT expert, reducing the burden of compliance issues. With our comprehensive IT management services, we ensure that compliance becomes a seamless aspect of your operations, allowing advisors to focus on their core responsibilities without the need to be compliance experts themselves.


We take pride in providing end-to-end compliance solutions for anything technology-related. As one of the top-tier cyber security companies, we instill confidence in your compliance and cybersecurity programs, offering a robust framework that safeguards your operations and enhances your overall cybersecurity posture. Partner with itSynergy, and let compliance become a streamlined and stress-free aspect of your business strategy.


Strategic Guidance

Our strategy includes regular IT business alignment and planning workshops to ensure that your technology is perfectly aligned with your overall business objectives. In addition, we are devoted to providing comprehensive and up-to-date risk management reporting, which is an important component in steering your technology strategy. With itSynergy, expect a personalized and proactive strategy that not only reduces costs and improves system efficiency, but also adds to a customer-centric experience and a powerful, future-ready 


itSynergy’s  24/7/365 Service Desk

With our 24/7/365 user support and problem resolution services, you can guarantee that your business operations continue uninterrupted. From everyday service requests to effective incident management, we are committed to meeting your needs as quickly as possible. We engage in proactive service disruption mitigation, which ensures that your organization experiences fewer interruptions while maintaining optimal operation. Trust us to be your ally in managing IT obstacles, offering seamless support, and resolving issues quickly to keep your business running successfully.


Microsoft Office 365 and Office Applications Support

From simplified billing and efficient service license management to personalized tools, application training, and dedicated “how to” support, we ensure that your IT infrastructure operates seamlessly. Our commitment extends to guaranteeing continuous productivity, fortified data security, and adherence to compliance standards, offering you peace of mind in your operations. With itSynergy, benefit from best-in-class collaboration tool management, M365 data backup services, and the meticulous implementation of security policies alongside user least-access guidance. Trust us for a smooth transition, whether it’s migrating to M365 or seamlessly transitioning between M365 tenants. Embrace a future where your IT environment is not just functional but optimized for efficiency, security, and compliance with itSynergy by your side.


Discover the Power of itSynergy’s Cybersecurity in Protecting Your Business

Secure your business with a cyber team that never takes a moment out, recognizing the constant threat of cyberattacks in today’s fast-paced market. When you entrust itSynergy with your cybersecurity, you can be confident that your defenders will be attentive at all times. We ensure the continual protection of your data and business interests by employing a 24-hour staff of specialists and ethical hackers. Our approach involves a meticulously crafted cybersecurity plan, where industry experts delve into your environment to create a tailored, layered IT security program capable of thwarting the latest threats from any origin.

Our commitment goes beyond planning – our cyber experts implement and manage your network security, providing round-the-clock monitoring to stamp out threats. Experience rapid response times, as our specialists promptly investigate and address alerts, whether it’s 3 a.m. or 3 p.m. Furthermore, our engagement with ethical hackers ensures that we stay one step ahead of criminals, consistently building defenses to defeat their evolving attempts. Choose itSynergy for a customized, fully managed, and ethically fortified cybersecurity approach that safeguards your business interests against the relentless tide of cyber threats.


Application and Endpoint Security

Our services include desktop cybersecurity protection and monitoring, next-generation anti-virus, endpoint detection and response, domain name system filtering, and more. We’ll assist you with improving security processes to detect, address, and prevent security vulnerabilities throughout your environment, all the way to the end user.


Policy Development and Management

You work with our cybersecurity and data governance experts to create what regulators expect: bespoke regulations that appropriately represent your environment and daily behaviors. This is not a fill-in-the-blank template. We then regularly evaluate your rules and provide recommendations on how to manage emerging risks and weaknesses while not interfering with your workers’ ability to perform effectively.


Staff Awareness Training

Your employees are your first, final, and most effective line of defense. A single click might allow crooks into your network. We offer staff awareness training in cybersecurity and data privacy, which is frequently needed by industry regulators such as the SEC. After receiving training, your employees are less likely to fall for phishing attempts or wire money to fraudulent actors.


itSynergy’s Approachable IT Veterans

Our team of IT specialists provides specialized solutions, offering systems, apps, or processes to address your specific issues. If a collaboration is appropriate for your needs, we work together to design and implement solutions. Finally, we manage your IT landscape, allowing you to emphasize your business’s core operations.


Experience the relief of streamlined technology management as we collaborate to guarantee that IT is an asset, not a detriment, to your company’s success. We urge you to share your IT-related challenges, whether they are connected to system complexity or day-to-day operations.


IT issues can quickly develop into business difficulties if not addressed. Do not let preventable technical glitches limit your capacity to work. Contact us to learn more about how itSynergy’s managed IT services and technology management approach may help you save money and manage your IT operations more effectively. 



itSynergy has been providing managed IT services and outsourced technology management to small- and mid-sized businesses for over 20 years. We are seen as trusted technology advisors by clients because we partner with them for success. Our philosophy is that when technology works as it should, it supports and enhances an organization’s ability to accomplish its goals and objectives and meet business growth goals.