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The Top 3 Business Challenges Solved by Office 365

Posted on August 7, 2017

Expanding Your Horizons:
The Top 3 Business Challenges Solved by Office 365

Microsoft Office has been the mainstay of business applications for decades.

It was in late November of 1990 that Microsoft released the first versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Can you imagine a world without those three critical applications? They’re a part of any businessperson’s daily life.

Now, can you imagine how far Microsoft Office has come since that time?

Enter 2017 and Microsoft Office 365.

The goal of Microsoft Office 365 is to open up the world of connectivity to its users. O365 empowers its users to optimize their workflows, expanding their potential inside the office – and beyond.

With easy access and migration capabilities, Office 365 takes away the stress of updating software and maintaining servers. It allows you to use applications on any device anywhere.

O365 is also a tool that is underutilized by many of its subscribers.

Prepare to expand your horizons.

The top 3 challenges solved by O365


Your teams of professionals can now work online together from anywhere. Whether they’re riding down the hall on a Segway or across the country, O365 brings teams together via online video Skype meetings, simultaneous document manipulation, and even project planning.

Data access

Even if you’re not connected to the internet, with O365 your data is available to you. You can work on your data offline anywhere, on any device. As soon as you connect again, your offline changes are automatically synced to the cloud. And better yet, you get to specify exactly who – and what – others can do with your documents – print, forward, copy/paste, etc.

Security and trust

O365 can be configured with numerous features to protect you and your coworkers, keeping your virtual world safe from harm. Email policies prevent employees from clicking or forwarding malicious phishing emails. They can disable the send button when an email contains sensitive information such as a credit card number or Social Security number.

Bonus Feature!

O365 also allows you to create your own private “Facebook-style” site to discuss/share/collaborate on internal non-public topics in a private space. Everyone in the company can come together, post information/pictures/etc., collaborate around the posts (including liking and commenting) and even choose which topics they want to follow to be alerted about additional activity.

If your company isn’t taking full advantage of Office 365’s top 3 business solutions, a Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) will provide a hands-on introduction to this Microsoft suite of productivity tools.

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