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Service Coordinator


The Company

itSynergy is the market leader in providing technology consulting services to small and medium businesses who have a high reliance on their technology. We exist for one reason and one reason alone - to create positive experiences with technology.

Above all, we're looking for a culture fit. We're extremely honest, don't bring our egos to work, LOVE to laugh and have fun, enjoy the challenge of working together towards a common goal, are good at what we do, and deliver results. Sound like a place where you'd fit right in? We'd love to talk with you.

The Position

The Service Coordinator is the oil that lubricates our service machine. Chaos will surround you everywhere – customers needing help, deadlines in danger of being missed, shuffled schedules – and it will be up to you to get it all under control. Your number one objective is to help us achieve our core purpose – Creating Positive Experiences With Technology – and you’ll do that primarily by being the person responsible for keeping our promises to customers.

The right fit for this position will need to have multiple personalities – one that can juggle the intricacies of coordinating our service team to keep their schedule full, ensure promised deadlines are met, and work is passed back and forth within the team seamlessly. The other personality will be on the front line with customers – taking the first call, and then staying with them to provide updates until they ride off happily into the technology sunset. We're a technology company and we practice what we preach so a high degree of comfort with the latest and greatest software is required (including some new tools we’ll help you learn).

The Person

You’ll be handling incoming calls from people needing an expert to help them with a technology roadblock. That means you are the first impression we make so your positive energy needs to be your SUPER POWER - so powerful that it comes right through the phone line (and can leap tall buildings in a single bound). You’ll need to have a frank chat with them about their issue (has this really put them out of business until it is fixed, or can they wait a bit to figure out why the sound isn’t working on the cat video?), and then pair them up with someone on our team that can help. This requires walking a fine line between being a paramedic to assess and triage the situation, and being a parent that can give them a hug and tell them it will be OK. It is also helpful (but not required) if you have a LITTLE bit of technical knowledge. At a minimum you need to be comfortable and not intimidated by technology and some technical terms.

Once that is done, leave your super hero cape on because you aren’t done yet! Next that same positive energy needs to be poured into a team that works together closely to fix what’s broken and do it with a smile both on their face as well as the one they create on the customer’s face. The team is SO focused on helping customers that you’ll sometimes have to remind them of impending deadlines and help them shuffle their schedule when things take more or less time than we originally thought.

Most of all our team works best when we are having FUN. If you don’t have a good joke, a funny story, or can’t adequately defend yourself in an office nerf war then this might not be the right position for you. We need someone with a perpetual smile on their face that isn’t easily shaken. Customers sometimes get a little crabby when things aren’t working so a smile (even through the phone) goes a long way.

The Requirements

Must be able to lift 50 pounds. Must have reliable transportation.


This is a full time (W-2) hourly non-exempt position with an extremely competitive compensation package for the right candidate.

Confidentiality is assured. All discussions are confidential and exploratory.

Email your cover letter, resume, and salary history to to apply for this position. Place the position title in the subject line of the email.

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